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Author Daniel Boorstin (The Discoverers) wrote of the rise of “a mobile community of transient spectators” called “tourists.” As an educator, researcher, and learner I can’t help but think of this through the lens of mLearning, that is, use of mobile devices by learners to gather, interpret, and engage in ever changing and growing content. Our community of learners leverage transient technology within transient content. 21st century learners are the new tourists…

#hackyourclassroom Good times are possible at The Puritan Court.

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-2-40-57-pm-animationYesterday I changed the layout of my traditional seventh-grade social studies classroom to mimic a courtroom. We were learning about the Puritans in New England and I wanted to simulate the Puritan court. I was struck by how engaged the students were by simply entering the room and seeing a different setup. The thought that students could enter the room in be excited simply by seeing a different atmosphere was something I didn’t really think was going to happen.

For the remainder of class, students were given jobs such as witnesses, defendants, magistrates, and bailiff. Student-centered tasks included writing the court notes on the board, standing and giving testimonies, and three magistrates passed verdicts (all guilty) complete with “appropriate” punishments. Each class a student was banished to the hallway for heresy. I loved the look on their faces as they were sent to the hall all in fun.

The concept of hacking your classroom or developing inspiring spaces is something that teachers have been doing for many years. We find ourselves with a limited space: four walls usually one with windows and 25 to 30 desks. And we ask ourselves what am I supposed to do with this? Yet with a little ingenuity, sometimes with student input, we can create a space that inspires students instantly and we can leverage their excitement for the remainder of the class.

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Current Dissertation Research

The purpose of my qualitative case study research is to explore how an organization progresses through the process of adopting innovations (emergent technology). To understand the organizational adoption process, I seek to describe how a specific organization engages in the adoption of mobile learning (mLearning) through the design and development of their own mLearning demo-product within their technology solutions department. My ground-level study will report on the contextual factors within the organization and department that inform the product’s adoption process. I have gathered observational data over a one-year, participant observation experience within the technology solutions department. Serving as an instructional designer and gathering data as an academic researcher in the same setting allowed the rme to gain an intimate view of the adoption process. To collect meaningful data the I have used Activity Theory as a critical analysis lens and employed research on the stages of organizational adoption to understand the data in a longitudinal manner.